July 30, 2008


BASARA in Yokohama

Tak - Red Datsun 280Z CamBaDa - Black 69 Camaro

This was Yokohama Aug. 2004. Not in 70's America.

Kaikado Bar Hopper

Frisco style Jap bike.

8-chan of Zipangu from Aichi. A crazy mother fucker.

These guys came from Aichi also. Both ride choppers built by ZERO ENGINEERING.
They were going back home at mid night, 200 miles away home on their rigid shovelhead choppers.
They got hard ass.

Me myself. Who took this picture anyway?

JoyToy NFK and Kanagawa Police

Minato on his "Teal Rock".

Ko-Hi going back his home. 100 miles away. 4AM.

No entrance fee, No show entry fee, no show bikes, only REAL choppers from all over the country,
show starts from 9PM, outside, fuckin cops came but we didn't give a fuck,
everyone got drunk, got along, some fights, me no helmet, smokin pod,

This was the party!
NFK style!


Guitar Wolf Invades Shimokita

at The Shelter.

Eddie Legend

Eddie of MAD3 at North-Land 2007

July 26, 2008

holiday in the sun

Out of the city for 3 days. no phone, no PC and no fuckin cops.
Kick back and relax. Do nothing. refreshing me very nice.

July 20, 2008

Nao's bike

She's got a pair of Halo pink tires, and I put those tires today.
I think this bike looks really pretty now.