December 30, 2008


We had a little run with NFK guys and BOBs, and 56 "L-DOG" and some other guys to
pretending "MadMax" in Chiba.
This was the last run for this year and we enjoyed too much. We laugh so much.
We are very much appreciating to Bob Boss the route fuckin master. He is the man.
And also I wanna thank JoyToy to lend us his arm to run over by Makonabe's bike.
It was so funny. haha.
Mako and Baba painted their bikes (bmw and katana) matt-black for the day, looked much
cooler than it used to be. I hate fuckin white bike and blue bike.
We ran totally 250km only the local drive way, no high ways at all.
Smell horse shit everywhere.